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Jägermeister Product PR

Kicking off the year in style, visiontrees launched into 2012 with an exciting new task: As of this year, we will handle all product PR for Mast Jägermeister SE – purveyors of our favourite tipple.

In order to offer a holistic, all-round PR service, visiontrees develops a range of pinpointed and exclusive communication measures, realised in cooperation with select media partners. The prime focus: strong, credible storytelling and topics tailored to the brand’s target group. To this end, every media exchange becomes a unique, standout story of its own – broadening the brand’s horizon and entertaining the intended audience with imagery and narratives designed to capture their attention.

Devised and realised in close collaboration with specific media partners, these features, events and reportages emphasise the brand’s core messages and underscore the quality and authenticity of Jägermeister in the public eye.

Campaigns and highlights to date include features on the brand’s growing premium appeal and its unique international placement grant for promising barkeeps!

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