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Jägermeister Booth at Barzone 2012

Jägermeister’s trade fair presence at Cologne’s Barzone, aimed at Germany’s trend gastronomy pros and keen mixologists, saw the replay of a winning combination: Backed by the tried and tested team of flora&faunavisions (visual design/conceptual input) and Lennart Günther/urbanshapes (architecture), visiontrees devised a concept that ticked all the right boxes: With its bona fide, country pub-inspired “Wirtshaus” flair, the stand accentuated the brand’s core values of community and sociability, while inviting bartenders to broaden their gustatory scope.

Staged in an impressively generous and open space with a contemporary twist, the novel stand concept removed the bar’s most obvious feature – the barrier between guests and staff – thus levelling the playing field to encourage a friendly, informal and convivial mood not a million miles away from a laid-back house party. Instead, and in order to rekindle the communal spirit of an old fashioned country pub – a welcoming, yet vibrant place to meet, chat, play and exchange – the entire stand was centred around a grand, communal table fashioned from aged solid oak planks. And for a truly well-rounded experience, visiontrees not only kept a keen eye on the overall concept, but also all those intriguing details that add flavour to the event: from staff dress code and drinks concept all the way down to brand communications.

A resounding success and immensely popular stop on the trade-fair circuit thanks to the thoughtful combination of unique set-up and contents that underscore – and broaden – the brand’s perception, the stand was frequented by a steady stream of industry pros, service providers and bartenders who feted the Jägermeister stand as THE standout stop at Cologne’s Barzone.

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