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visionary concepts, rooted in reality: visiontrees gets the right people to look, listen and engage with a brand: with communication concepts, word-of-mouth, branded content or integrated campaigns that strengthen brand loyalty and innovation.


The ecosystem

To this end, Savary has entered into a strategic partnership with Berlin-based agency flora&faunavisions at their Kreuzberg location for a cross-pollination of skills, styles and disciplines. A collaboration made in heaven? Well, one built on 10 years of professional overlap, mutual respect, previous collaborations, friendship and a shared vision. As a self-contained, yet seamlessly integrated part of the flora&faunavisions ecosystem, visiontrees now complements the agency’s characteristic design with strong concepts and marketing expertise. And this close cooperation – with key personnel just a few desks away – guarantees targeted, one-stop solutions from initial idea to implementation.

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