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Hubertus Rat

In order to reach the crème of Germany’s bar specialists, Jägermeister founded the Hubertus Rat, a self-contained community of top bartenders that blends the drink’s spirit and tradition with the expertise and creativity cocktail culture of modern day bar wizardry.

At the controls – concept and realisation: the visiontrees team

What do bartenders really need, appreciate and look forward to? A loyalty programme with plenty of perks and a welcome platform for mutual support, the Hubertus Rat encourages exploration and exchange between the country’s top mixmasters – under the Jägermeister umbrella.

Genuinely interested in furthering the art of mixology, this multi-pronged scheme present Jägermeister as a brand that understands and appreciates top-quality bar work, beyond the immediate brand connection, and helps members to push the boundaries of cocktail culture through a variety of measures and campaigns. At the same time, the society promotes a mind change by encouraging specialists to experience Jägermeister’s eminent quality and mixability: In lab-like situations, participants experiment on something entirely new beyond the popular Jäger shot concept.

Named after the patron saint of the hunt – St. Hubertus, a hapless 8th century huntsman whose epiphany of the glowing crucifix, hovering between a magnificent stag’s antlers, inspired the drink’s iconic logo – the Hubertus Rat initiation starts with an exclusive, invite-only seminar in Jägermeister’s hometown of Wolfenbüttel. No swanky affair, but a down-to-earth training camp with a clear focus on exploration, this welcome event is all about a love of mixology and high-quality, high-proof materials.

Now bona fide Hubertus Rat members, participants receive regular visits from Jägermeister trend managers and get to play with specially developed high-end bar tools – further incentives are in the planning! And while there is a public portal to keep the outside world up-to-date on Hubertus activities, the Rat’s members interact via a closed Facebook community to exchange new recipes, ideas and approaches.

The essence (in spirit and spirit) of Jägermeister, this brand-based society embodies what Jägermeister is all about – a genuine love of flavour, skill and the finest ingredients!

Link to Hubertus Rat Webpage

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