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Liquid Aromatherapy

An exciting venture into previously unexplored territories, visiontrees teamed up with flora&faunavisions for Jägermeister’s trade fair presence at the Bar Convent Berlin 2011. The result: a suave mixologists’ oasis far away from the mainstream crowds.

As part of our Jägermeister brand engagement, focussed on promoting the liqueur to Germany’s trend gastronomy pros, visiontrees whipped up an entire trade fair concept centred around an oasis in a box. The basic premise: dominant bar meets stylish and inviting lounge, a tranquil space dedicated to the drink’s finer properties, a welcome haven to sit down, relax and focus: on each lovingly selected detail, herb and the potent liqueur itself.

With a clever blend of striking strong lines and cosy appeal, the stand’s gauze-covered exterior radiates subtle chic. Akin to a super stylish black box, it takes visitors away from the hall’s hustle and bustle and into a sleek, self-contained space designed to encourage rest and rediscovery. Once inside, modern design classics and vintage accents, matte black understatement and flashes of the brand’s trademark orange join the mix. To underscore the drink’s surprising variety of flavours, the concept references the drink’s special bouquet of select herbs, from bitter orange to galangal, all across the stand: from detailed, naturalistic illustrations to close-up encounters with the dried flavourings right down to their fresh variants, scattered through space as fragrant, decorative touches.  And for those blessed with a true mixmaster’s mind, there is a clever aroma chart to highlight potential flavour combinations for a range of future drinks.

But see for yourselves: After pouring a good six months of our time into all details of this beauty – from design and communications right down to the individual stand contents and tastings – and after decades of Jägermeister absence from such trade fairs,  we are really, truly proud of the result. And more than pleased by the fantastic feedback from client and visitors alike. Let’s drink to that!

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