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Osborne Short Film Festival

Visiontrees takes the lead with a truly spirited brand

Our first outing as a lead agency takes us all the way to Spain – and puts us in charge of a true icon: “El Toro de Osborne”. To promote this national treasure, we decided to take the bull by the horns with comprehensive communications strategy and powerful campaign for the brand’s German market: a dedicated short film festival curated by German actor Daniel Brühl.

Founded in 1772, Osborne – and its characteristic black bull, El Toro de Osborne – have become a seminal symbol of the Spanish spirit. Today, the international group distributes a spirited line-up of brandy, sherry and select wines infused with the toro’s temperament.

As part of the brand’s push to reach a younger, discerning audience and reinforce the bull’s iconic image, Osborne asked us to introduce El Toro’s warmth and hot-blooded character to Germany’s cool and collected crowd. And who better to spread the word than Spanish-born movie star Daniel Brühl?

Previously involved with an Osborne charity drive, Brühl once again joins up with the brand to steer (no pun intended) inspired minds and budding visual geniuses towards the first ever Osborne Short Film Festival. Playing on the strong, immediate symbolism of El Toro, the competition’s motto, “Der Stier in mir” (the bull inside me) encourages film lovers and makers, amateurs and pros, beginners and seasoned directors alike to capture a brief sequence of gripping, powerful and spell-binding moments and submit the result to before December 31st, 2011.

As a flanking media measure, visiontrees developed an exciting interactive Facebook film that allows followers to produce and distribute their own short movie, starring Daniel Brühl himself.  Brief, effective and to the point, this viral campaign – a fiery affair with lots of love, drama and a nasty foe – encourages users to become their own director, slips their Facebook friends into the cast and sends the enigmatic El Toro on a rampage through the Wild Wild West. Naturally, good triumphs in the end … thanks to a generous dose of fire water.

With prizes for the three best submissions in both film and animation (to the tune of a cool 6k for each category), participation is well worth it. Winners will be chosen by the festival’s jury of seasoned pros (Daniel Brühl, Esther Gronenborn, Sandro Steinborn and Jim Lacy) and honoured at an awards ceremony during the upcoming Berlinale 2012.

The entire campaign is scheduled to run until summer 2012 – and there’s plenty more to come. We’ll keep you posted!

Visit the festival page: Osborne Kurzfilmfestival Website & interaktive short film with Daniel Brühl

visiontrees for Osborne

As part of our lead agency engagement, visiontrees oversees the entire El Toro campaign including overall strategy and concept, coordination of all involved agencies and realisation of flanking social media measures.

To this end, we devise and direct all relevant aspects of the campaign: a cool brand strategy, a dove-tailed media campaign, a coherent CI, a credible social media concept and an overall communications schedule to ensure that El Toro gets the temperamental and authentic outing the brand deserves.

Our partners:
flora&faunavisions (design and festival management)
achtung! Kommunikation (PR & web) (online media)

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