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visionary concepts, rooted in reality: visiontrees gets the right people to look, listen and engage with a brand: with communication concepts, word-of-mouth, branded content or integrated campaigns that strengthen brand loyalty and innovation.



Founded by Scot-in-exile Leigh Sachwitz the Berlin-based agency for visual communications has been going strong since 1999. Capturing moment and movement for an international mix of cultural and commercial clients, flora&faunavisions create strong design solutions for brand and communication strategies. Services include:

  • visual communication in space
  • creative concepts
  • motion graphics
  • image trailers
  • film titling
  • large scale video projection and 3d mapping
  • interactive installations
  • full-service event design

From music video to international product launch, the agency’s inimitable signature style works equally well in physical space – corporate events, fashion shows and shop interiors – or the virtual realm of film, video, print and web. By treating each project like a distinct brand, the result invariably becomes an immersive experience.

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